Ableton Live 10 – My Favorite Features

With each new version of Live, it seems Ableton makes leaps and bounds. Live 10, in my opinion, is the most important update in perhaps 10 years. There are some incredible improvements that pave the way for future advances for years to come. While there are programmatic and under-the-hood changes, for me, as a music producer, the workflow enhancements are the most critical and most welcome updates. With that said, here are my five favorite new features of Live 10, which is set for release on February 6, 2018:

1) The look and feel of Live 10 is crisp and clear with vector graphics and screen redraws at 60 frames per second. Live 10 retains a familiar feel while delivering a modern and easy to read interface.

2) I’ve been begging Ableton for mouse wheel zooming for 15 years. We finally have it, and then some! For anyone who does a lot of deep audio editing, this is the life-saver you’ve been waiting for. Zoom in, do your edits, zoom out, all with a clever combo of the mouse wheel and short cut key commands!

3) So many workflow enhancements in terms of working in the Arrangement View. Have a look at a few, and think about how this may impact the hours you spend developing a song.

4) For Push 2 users, you’ve already seen the promise of the integrated visuals as of Live 9.7. With Live 10, you get even more, and none more evident than Wavetable, EQ8, Compressor, and Echo. We are getting closer and closer to the point where looking at the computer will no longer be a requirement for finishing full songs right on Push 2!

5) Of all the great new plugins, like Wavetable and Echo, and all the updated plugins, and even having Max for Live now baked right into Live 10, my favorite plugin is Drum Buss. It’s a one-stop-shop for your drums, and it’s importance cannot be understated. It’s instant gratification on one of the hardest things to get right in any song in any genre. Dial up the BOOM, and take a selfie of the gigantic shit-eating grin on your face!